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Privacy Policy

Wellness Retreat Alliance Inc. does not share contact or other personal information with any of it partners or affiliates without written permission from the client or member.

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DISCLAIMER:  All resources facilitated or referred by Wellness Retreat Alliance Inc. (WRA) or its affiliates primarily support: the U.S. military and its veterans; federal, state and local law enforcement; firefighter EMT first-responders and other frontline healthcare professionals.  However, WRA is not officially connected to or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Defense, any of its branches, any federal, state or local public service department or law enforcement agency.  Some of the resources facilitated or referred by WRA are not officially approved psychological therapies in the United States and we do not offer medical advice.  All information on this website is published for educational purposes only.  We strongly believe in the programs and resources offered by our affiliates but we do not guarantee results.  We always encourage each individual to do their own research before committing to a wellness retreat or collaborative treatment plan of their choosing.

If you or a veteran you know are in a crisis or have thoughts of suicide, PLEASE contact the Veteran Crisis Line 24/7, 365 days a year.


Text: 838255

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