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Our Team

Meet The Team


Justin Smith

WRA Founder & President, Retreat Coordinator, Transformational Integration Coach


Daniel Murray

WRA Vice President, Air Force P.J. Veteran, Retreat Facilitator - Florida

Sergio Saenz.jpeg

Sergio Saenz

WRA Vice President, Air Force Veteran, Retreat Facilitator - Texas, Transformational Integration Coach


Brandon Pickard

WRA Secretary, Air Force Veteran, Retreat Facilitator - Florida, Transformational Integration Coach

Julio Perez-Vega.jpg

Julio Perez-Vega

WRA Treasurer, Army Veteran, Professional Accountant, Transformational Integration Coach

Cory Holmes

WRA Board Member, Army Veteran, Clinical Social Worker, Professional Therapist

Bobbi Gerardot

WRA Board Member, Air Force Veteran, Media Outreach Consultant

Anthony Chetta

WRA Board Member, I.T. and Cyber Security Consultant

Christy Selph

WRA Board Member, Firefighter Captain / Paramedic, Retreat Facilitator

Eric Mott

WRA Board Member, Navy Veteran, Corrections Lieutenant, Retreat Facilitator



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